Porcelain Crowns & Bridges

When you visit Stone Aesthetic Dentistry, you can count on the refined dental skill of Dr. Stone. His attention to detail and use of cutting-edge dental equipment allow him to restore smiles back to strength and beauty with some of the best bridges and porcelain crowns in the Alexandria area. In our office, Dr. Stone places crowns and bridges with precision and care, providing long-lasting restorations that look as natural as if dentistry was never involved.

A crown is a great solution for restoring the health and function of a tooth that is damaged to the point of breaking or needing a root canal. They can also be useful in smile makeovers or as the replacement tooth when attached to a dental implant or bridge. Dr. Stone provides the following types of dental crowns, and helps you make an educated decision for the crown that will fit your needs the best:

  • All-Metal
  • Porcelain Fused to Metal
  • e.Max
  • Lava
  • Empress

During your first visit, Dr. Stone will take the time to discuss your needs and desires, and guide you in process of choosing the right crown for you. He’ll assess your smile to make sure your crowns are designed to match your characteristics and the color of your surrounding teeth for a natural appearance. Impressions will be made of your teeth and then sent to our dental lab for fabrication. In a follow-up appointment, Dr. Stone will place your new crown with sturdy bonding materials, leaving you with a long-lasting restoration that fits you perfectly.

While dental implants are considered the best option for tooth replacement, there may be factors that prevent them from being the best solution based on a patient’s needs. In these cases, a bridge may be used in conjunction with a crown to replace one or several adjoining missing teeth. A bridge is composed of a series of dental crowns, suspended across the space left behind by the missing teeth and is firmly bonded to the remaining surrounding teeth.

Dr. Stone works side by side with high-quality dental labs, ensuring each dental crown and bridge is designed of superior materials for maximum strength and the most natural appearance. It’s important to him that you are 100% satisfied with your new smile, providing you with expert guidance for the best outcome. In some cases, gum recontouring may be suggested as a treatment that makes sure your gum alignment is just right for your new dentistry.

The best dentistry is dentistry that restores the function of your smile without compromising its appearance. Bridges and crowns by our Alexandria dentist have the ability to restore strength and longevity to damaged or missing teeth, while enhancing the appearance of your smile. Call us at Stone Aesthetic Dentistry to schedule your comprehensive consultation with Dr. Stone today.