Full Mouth Rehabilitation

If old restorations, oral trauma, or dental neglect have made daily functions such as chewing or smiling uncomfortable, our top-notch Alexandria dentistry can help you live life to the fullest! Full mouth rehabilitation by Dr. Stone is a comprehensive analysis and makeover of your entire smile, from bite alignment and gum health to its overall aesthetic appearance.

Every full mouth rehabilitation treatment plan is customized by Dr. Stone to meet your unique oral health and cosmetic goals. Beginning with a comprehensive consultation, our team makes sure we fully understand your individual needs and desires. Then a full workup of x-rays, a gum evaluation, and an exam of your TMJ and bite are completed to ensure a healthy foundation of the mouth.

Unlike many dentists, Dr. Stone is trained in the cutting-edge technology of K-7 Evaluation Systems. This advanced diagnostic tool helps Dr. Stone assist patients suffering from joint and bite discomfort when chewing or speaking. Using the K-7 Evaluation System, Dr. Stone can track your jaw alignment and evaluate muscle activity using 3-D technology. This gives him the ability to find the optimal position of your bite and begin a comfortable orthotic treatment if needed.

Once we determine your bite is in sound placement, Dr. Stone will design a detailed treatment plan for the rest of your smile. A full mouth rehabilitation plan may include any or all of the following restorations:

Because it is of paramount importance you are completely informed and comfortable, Dr. Stone works side-by-side with you throughout the entire treatment process. In fact, we pride ourselves on allowing each patient to be an involved participant in their journey to a new smile!

Helping our patients look and feel their absolute best is one of the most gratifying aspects of our Alexandria dentistry. Don’t hesitate to get the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve! Schedule your full mouth rehabilitation consultation with Dr. Stone today.