Metal-Free Fillings

Fillings are among the most common restorative dental treatments performed today. Dental fillings are used to fill in the spaces where teeth have been affected by decay, adding strength and durability while protecting the tooth from being damaged any further. Dr. Stone provides fillings to the Alexandria area that are composed of composite resin materials, providing a metal-free alternative to the traditional metal amalgam.

Metal-free fillings are considered a more conservative filling, which makes them a preferred solution to metal amalgam. Metal-free fillings require very little removal of natural tooth enamel in preparation. Designed of durable composite material that is bonded directly to the tooth surface, these fillings provide stability and make the tooth stronger. Special care is taken in the composition of the composite resin by meticulously blending colors in order to get the best match to the natural tooth.

During the process of applying metal-free fillings, a composite material is bonded to the tooth in layers to get the most natural-looking appearance. A great deal of attention is placed on the application process of metal-free fillings, so that you get the nicest appearance possible. Once your metal-free filling is complete, the result is a strong, stable restoration that will go unnoticed by others.

Dr. Stone places metal-free fillings in Alexandria that provide a long-term solution to halt tooth decay and protect the longevity of your smile. Call Stone Aesthetic Dentistry to schedule your appointment today.